Welcome to Duncan Allen

Duncan & Allen is a Washington, D.C. based law firm whose roots go back to the early 1930's. In our current configuration, we have provided legal services to the U.S. domestic energy and international natural resource communities since 1970.

Energy and natural resources are fundamental ingredients for the development of communities and the improvement of the quality of human life. Duncan & Allen is committed to providing the legal support for diversity, opportunity and accountability in the economic, efficient and equitable development and marketing of energy and natural resources in the public interest.

To this end, the Firm represents primarily public power and cooperative entities in connection with their electric power business and service throughout the United States. It has been in the forefront of protecting and extending the rights of those entities while also introducing legal innovation and guiding its clients through fundamental changes in the regulatory framework reshaping the way their industry operates.

Internationally, Duncan & Allen has guided the design and implementation of modern mining laws and regulations, including the related environmental and investment protection laws, regulations and agreements on three continents. Its work has made possible major investments and wealth-producing activities in the mining sectors of countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

As a small, specialized firm that embraces difficult assignments, Duncan & Allen achieves success through a combination of responsiveness, dedication, loyalty, creativity, quality, agility, technology and teamwork.

The Firm’s experience and success in serving clients in the industries that are the primary focus of its practice in all aspects of their business or regulatory functions has attracted a variety of clients in these and other industries. The Firm has been able to successfully adapt its skill sets to a variety of business and governmental needs. We welcome new challenges!