Municipal Electric Systems of Georgia

  • (Albany, Marietta and 45 other municipally-owned electric systems in Georgia) General representation relating to: (1) defense against rate filings before FERC by Georgia Power Co.; (2) acquisition of ownership rights (total 1550 MW) in and wheeling service from Georgia Power's conventional and nuclear generating plants; (3) creation of Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG) which currently supplies power to its members for resale; and (4) defense of preference laws and power allocations from Southeastern Power Administration (Greenwood Utilities Comm'n. v. Schlesinger, 515 F. Supp. 653 (M.D. Ga. 1981)).

Columbus Water Works

  • Litigation before Federal Energy Regulatory Commission concerning water withdrawal rights from Chattahoochee River and relicensing of Middle Chattahoochee Project. Litigation before the United States District Court for the District of Columbia concerning water storage and allocation in Lake Lanier.

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