Elbow Lake, City of

  • (Municipal electric system) Specialized representation culminating in establishment of municipal electric system and obtaining wheeling service including: (1) state and local proceedings; (2) antitrust litigation; and (3) FERC wheeling rates.

Lake Crystal, City of

  • Specialized representation regarding the termination of existing wholesale power supply and contracting for new wholesale power supply

Madelia, City of

  • Negotiation of wholesale power supply contract.

Minnesota Wholesale Customer Group

  • (18 Municipal electric systems) Defense against rate filings before FERC by Otter Tail Power Company; negotiation of integrated transmission system with Otter Tail.

Moorhead, City of

  • (Municipal electric system) Specialized representation concerning establishment of natural gas distribution system and natural gas procurement for electric generating facility.

Truman, City of

  • Specialized representation for termination of existing power supply arrangements and negotiation of contracts for new wholesale power supply; FERC and state court proceedings regarding the transition from existing to new power supplier.

Wadena, City of

  • (Municipal electric system) Defense against rate filings before FERC by Minnesota Power and Light Company.

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