Geneva Steel Corporation

  • (Steel manufacturer) Advice and representation on energy matters.

Kanab, City of

  • (Municipality previously served by Utah Power & Light Company) Comprehensive specialized representation in connection with establishment of municipal electric system, including: (1) development of municipalization strategy, counseling on its implementation, and assembling of multi-disciplinary consultant team, (2) offensive and defensive litigation, (3) contracting for power supply, transmission and operation and maintenance services, (4) project financing, and (5) negotiation of buy-out of local distribution system from Utah Power & Light Company. Subsequent representation on power supply, transmission and financing matters.

Logan City, City of

  • (Municipal electric system) Advice on strategy for retention of major customer. Representation in federal court in litigation brought by competitor seeking to take over service to major customer.

Provo City

  • (Municipal electric system) General representation on power resource matters relating to: (1) acquisition of ownership in new Utah Power & Light Co. generating plant (Hunter 1) and rendering of approving opinions on related revenue bond financing ($26 million); and (2) development of 10 MW geothermal generating project.

Utah Municipal Power Agency (UMPA)

  • (Intergovernmental entity comprised of Provo City and 5 smaller municipal systems in Utah) Comprehensive representation as General Counsel relating to creation and ongoing operation of UMPA as an intergovernmental entity: (1) establishment of pooling arrangement for allocations of federal power from Colorado River Storage Project; (2) creation of legal arrangements to acquire, operate and deliver 155 MW of coal, natural gas, and hydro-based oil-fired generation; (3) financing of power facilities including rendering of opinions in connection with revenue bond issues ($46 million); (4) rate filings before FERC by Utah Power & Light Company; (5) negotiated wheeling agreements in settlement of application to FERC for wheeling service from Utah Power & Light Company under "PURPA"; (6) filing of applications for preliminary permits for several potential hydroelectric projects in Utah and one license application to compete for the relicensing of a project currently licensed to Utah Power & Light Company; and (7) strategy planning, arbitration and litigation in bankruptcy court as creditor to remove and replace operator/developer of 10 MW geothermal project, resulting in acquisition of the project as part of global settlement.

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