Why We Succeed

We understand that effective representation requires controlling the costs of counsel and litigation.

  • An assessment must realistically evaluate the merits of the problem, causes of action and/or defense.

  • A plan must be focused and comprehensive, but of sufficient flexibility to adjust to changing circumstances.
  • A budget must be realistic in its development, and used as a management tool in handling the case or matter.
  • Staffing decisions must be made in the interests of the client, and be appropriate to the size and complexity of the matter.

We provide entrepreneurial, practical solutions to your business and regulatory challenges, and we bring a high degree of creativity that adds value to every matter.

Our strength is understanding what really matters to our clients (including constant calculations of costs and benefits and of risks and rewards), whether it is a complex transaction, a regulatory proceeding, a litigation matter, or a negotiation.

Duncan & Allen understands that judgment and experience, as well as determination and sustained effort, are essential to receiving truly effective representation. This is what distinguishes us and is a large part of the formula for our success.