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Duncan & Allen practitioners have long been recognized for their insight, integrity, comprehensive thought and leadership. Our team is a multi-talented and multi-faceted group, with a strategic blend of accomplished skills and savvy industry understanding that produces real, consequential business results for our clients.

Donald R. Allen Founding Partner
Matthew L. Bly Partner
Ashley M. Bond Partner
John M. Catalano Of Counsel
John P. Coyle Managing Partner
Walter A. Foskett Of Counsel
Jason T. Gray Partner
Kenneth M. Holmboe Associate
Diedre T. Lawrence Of Counsel
Kathleen L. Mazure Of Counsel
Amy McDonnell Of Counsel
Colette B. Mehle Of Counsel
Gregg D. Ottinger Senior Counsel
Robert Shapiro Of Counsel
Jon R. Stickman Partner
John P. Williams Consultant

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