Changing the way in which Natural Resources are Developed

Duncan & Allen has played a significant role in shaping the reform of the legal framework for the development of natural resources in developing countries around the world.

The Firm provides a comprehensive and focused package of experience and skills necessary for guiding policy, legal reform and project development in the energy and natural resource industries. This package includes:

  • years of experience in advising clients doing business, raising financing and developing projects in overseas environments and international markets, based on living and working experience in overseas offices;
  • extensive comparative analysis of legal reforms affecting the mining industry and their effects on private investment in countries around the world;
  • the ability to research, draft, negotiate and advise in the English, French and Spanish languages and the related common law and civil law systems, which enables the Firm to provide a global perspective on natural resource-related legal developments;
  • hands-on experience in successfully designing, negotiating, drafting and advocating major overhauls of legislation governing the mining industry in developing countries where it is a key industry;
  • a worldwide network of contacts in the mining industry; and
  • experience with formal and informal, simple and complex dispute resolution through the courts and various arbitral forums.

The primary focus of the Firm's international practice has evolved from advising foreign companies doing business in sub-Saharan Africa to advising governments, multinational development institutions and companies in connection with the modernization of laws governing mining, investment, taxation, environmental protection and marketing of mineral products, and the negotiation and implementation of mining investment projects, including related dispute resolution.

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