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Foskett and Lawrence join Duncan Allen as Of Counsel

Walter A. Foskett and Diedre T. Lawrence, formerly of Burke & Foskett, LLC have joined the law firm of Duncan & Allen as Of Counsel. Mr. Foskett and Ms. Lawrence have opened a New England office for Duncan & Allen at 35 Braintree Hill Office Park in Braintree, Massachusetts. Duncan & Allen is a Washington, D.C. based law firm whose roots go back to the early 1930's. The Firm represents public power and cooperative entities in connection with their electric power business and service throughout the United States. It has been in the forefront of protecting and extending the rights of those entities while also introducing legal innovation and guiding its clients through fundamental changes in the regulatory framework reshaping the way their industry operates.

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Boulder selects Duncan & Allen as Federal Energy Regulatory Commission attorneys

The City of Boulder has chosen the Washington, DC, law firm of Duncan & Allen to advise and represent the city during anticipated proceedings in front of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The attorneys will join the team of staff lawyers and other outside counsel tasked with determining the costs associated with the possible creation of a municipal electric utility.