Domestic Legal Practice

For 35 years, Duncan & Allen lawyers have been at the forefront of regulatory and legal issues facing the energy industry, particularly consumer-owned electric utilities. Our firm has been instrumental in helping clients adapt and prosper in the midst of a rapidly changing and deregulating industry.

We take pride in Duncan & Allen’s position as one of the nation’s boutique, preeminent law firms specializing in energy law throughout the United States and its possessions and territories, primarily for municipally-owned and cooperatively-owned electric utilities and public bodies.

We have earned a national reputation for solving clients’ problems creatively and cost effectively, with the perspective and experience of a firm with a national presence and thorough understanding of the energy industry.

Collectively, Duncan & Allen lawyers bring a wealth of detailed industry and regulatory experience to the table, whether it is a complex transaction, a regulatory proceeding, a litigation matter, or a negotiation. That experience helps to assure that consumer interests - whether big or small - are not ignored in Washington or at the bargaining table.

We are proud of our organizational and operational strengths which enable us to provide clients with reliable, independent-minded advice and representation that helps them articulate and successfully pursue their own strategies - not someone else’s. Increasingly, it is becoming difficult to separate legal from business problems. Our legal knowledge, combined with our broad and deep industry experience, allows us to analyze a client’s situation as few firms can.

Ultimately, we pride ourselves on knowing that our experience and understanding of every facet of the energy industry allow us to offer services that go well beyond traditional legal assistance. Whether a client is faced with difficult issues relating to interconnected utility operations, transmission access, industry restructuring, the creation of a utility, a merger or acquisition, or energy regulatory problems, we at Duncan & Allen have the experience and ability to provide meaningful counsel.